Harriet Diamond




"My two most recent installations, Driven From Their Homes and Arrival: The Rohingya, are anti-war travels and stories and a call to mercy. 


My work is a hybrid of installation sculpture and illusionist staging. The wonder of the installation sculpture is that it surrounds the viewer. I try to place the viewer in a series of scenes, so that he/she can travel with these refugees for a few moments. What interests me above all is accessibility. I try to express urgency and immediacy. I fervently hope that if I tell this story in sculpture, which is so tangible, it will become more present and more real for us. If we face the terrible truth of war, we may find a way to stop it.


I have exhibited bronze pieces at Brookgreen Garden in South Carolina, the National Sculpture Society in New York and the National Arts Club in New York. I have installed life-size stages at Norfolk International Airport and the Fitchburg Museum, Berkshire Museum, Springfield Museum, and Chesterwood, National Trust in Massachusetts. Recently, I set up my work at the Westport Art Center in Connecticut and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center in Cape Cod."