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Gwladys Gambie

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Gwladys Gambie joined the Campus Caribéen des Arts in 2009 after a university curriculum. After obtaining her DNSEP Art in 2014, she has exhibited in Martinique, Cuba and Miami.


She has also carried out artist residencies in Aruba (Caribbean Linked), in Guadeloupe with the Ateliers Médicis in 2018, at the FountainHead Residency (Miami) and at Alice Yard (Trinidad & Tobago). In 2021, she is successively hosted by the Homo Sargassum artist residency at Holdex and the Cité internationale des arts.


The condition of black women is one of her main issues, along with the practice of drawing. Surrounded by a lush green nature, she enriches her imagination and integrates a dreamlike dimension to her graphic work. Bodies and marine flora intermingle. Creole, a very colourful language, full of symbols, allows her to create a specific iconography in her work around the body.


Gwladys Gambie questions the representation of the black female body, and tries to free it from stereotypes, norms and colonial shackles in a singular, mythological and sensual universe. Her work is the search for a decolonial representation and the quest for a reappropriation of the black female body. In her practice, the body is a place of experimentation, a territory of identity, social and poetic.

The female body, a terrain of oppression, control, domination and discrimination, becomes a poetic territory, a sensitive cartography.

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