Grégory Chatonsky



After studying visual arts and philosophy at the Sorbonne, and then multimedia at ENSBA, Grégory Chatonsky developed a work around the Internet.


Technologies, and in particular the Internet, are an important source of inspiration for Gregory Chatonsky. Shaping the paradoxes of the network and the gaps between its technological and existential flows could summarize a research that spreads over several media: installation, video, photography, writing, drawing and sculpture. His works could evoke infinite spaces in which attention is fragmented. The network becomes a world in its itself where the boundaries between technology and the human being become blurred. His practice attempts to draw the outlines of a new imaginary whose invention would be technical and which could go as far as the extinction of the human being.


In 1994, Grégory Chatonsky founded "", one of the first Netart collectives in France. He has been a guest professor at Le Fresnoy (2004-2005), at UQAM (2007-2014), and is the recipient of an international research chair at the University of Paris VIII (2015). Since 2017, he has been an artist-researcher at the ENS Ulm and co-directs with Béatrice Joyeux-Purnel a research seminar on artificial imagination and post-digital aesthetics.

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