plastic arts

Grégoire Rousseau

Operating between Helsinki and Paris, Gregoire Rousseau works as artist, educator and expert in technology. He received his Electrical engineering diploma in 2006 and his Master of Fine Arts in 2018.
Grégoire Rousseau's research focuses on electricity as form of energy in the arts and underlying implications in everyday life. Electric energy produces motion, lights, audio, as well as activates software within digital platform. 
His artistic practice stands for material as language: concept finds form based on knowledge. Performances on stage operate as a sequence in time to experiment and research how materials and artistic content actually work all together once confronted to audience. There is no clear demarcation line between live act and installation thought for art gallery space, both contribute in a formal way of expression to develop his work. Study on contradictions generates a field of knowledge and a space for hisart practice.
Algorithmic processes challenge our perception, interpretation, and transformation of our society. The possibilities induced by this new area in technology produces both a need in awareness and a new field of research in new models in form of resistance.