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Fuite romanesque

Sarah Caillard

Du 23 novembre au 21 décembre 202

Vitrine – Cité internationale des arts

Fuite romanesque by Sarah Caillard is an installation comprising a translucent dress made of fibreglass and resin that is placed in front of a large corner structure painted in "Chroma Key Green" (the colour commonly used for green screen special effects). Elements filmed or photographed against this backdrop can therefore be isolated and placed elsewhere, thereby changing their scale, location and manipulating the context.


The scene dedicated to this process of inlaying images is a scale model of the exhibition space itself, which is placed on a small pedestal. The scale model allows us to look inside at the static scene and imagine the various elements placed within the Chroma Key Green structure coming to life, projected into a dreamlike, uncanny, and cartoonish scenography.


The installation is a reflection on the mechanisms of imagination. It takes a look at how we constantly move back and forth between the real and virtual worlds, sometimes without even realising it. In this virtual scene, the notion of scale becomes confused and the relationship between inside and outside is disturbed as surfaces reveal bodies that are not present. Our gaze becomes the director of a possible narrative, one that allows the elements to unite and the movements to exist.


Sarah Caillard (France) is in residency as part of the Cité internationale des arts “2-12” program.

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Visible every day, 10/19h

Free entrance


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