Launch of the 4th opus of the magazine Féros

Thursday, February 14 2019, at 06:00 pm

Cité internationale des arts

The magazine Féros, distributed to the Presses du Réel, is taking up a space at the Cité internationale des arts for the launch of its 4th issue. The magazine takes this opportunity to propose a scenography specifically designed for this place in transition.

Féros is an erotic notebook. Sometimes sensual, sometimes sexual, Féros calls the senses to awakening. Resolutely anchored in his time, he explores with an obsessive gaze the aesthetic and contemporary fascinations for the impulses that inhabit the being. Its publication is essential as the need to reveal the principles of a contemporary eroticism that is constantly being sought and renewed, without manipulating its representations. Féros takes the view that only visual, artistic and symbolic projects should be included. Polyphonic and composite, Féros is an annual and thematic concentrate. In each issue, works of art and literature meet, harmonize and dialogue freely.


My beloved passed his hand through the slit, and for him my bowels trembled. Erotic flash, ancient Flesh. Between appearance and disappearance, Féros #4 plays hide-and-seek. Portfolio of an impression. 



Among the artists contributing to the magazine is the Japanese artist, recipient of the Visual Arts Committees, Kanaria.

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