A Silent Line, Lives Here

Bronwyn Katz

from 22 June to 09 September 2018

Palais de Tokyo

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Bronwyn Katz produces installations, sculptures, videos and performances. In her installations and sculptures, she tries to put together a collective history and memory linked to the spaces and objects around them. A worn mattress is a recurring feature of her work. By emptying it out of its contents and readapting it with the various materials that make it up (off-cuts of foam rubber, whirls coming from iron bed springs), she creates what Nicoletta Michaletos (Artthrob) has described as being “ghost forms”. Depicting emptiness is a way for her to bring out the stillliving presence coming from the memory of our ancestors.


Bronwyn Katz (South Africa) is in residence through SAM ART PROJECTS 2018.