Rosa Maria Unda Souki

Urgemment, patiemment

Du 3 au 21 juin 2020

Galerie Ariane C-Y
The current health situation is shaking up everyone's life, our daily lives, our ways of thinking about the world, of exchanging. The art market is particularly affected by this situation. International fairs, vernissages with crowds, large museums, so many ways of showing works of art largely compromised by the restrictions due to the pandemic.
Yet the urgency to listen to the melody of the world remains. It is even becoming urgent. With patience, in the closed space of the studio, the artists translate it.
Urgently, patiently: the oxymoron escapes Rosa Maria Unda Souki interviewed during the confinement. She then describes her state of mind. The South American artist experiences this confinement as the collapse of the world to which she opposes painting. The series Tablitas para no olvidarte reads like a desperate attempt at stability. The childhood home then appears as the only refuge from the anguish of her life as a migrant. Her new series Une histoire en cinq actes also bears the mark of confinement.
The exhibition will therefore present works created during the confinement, as well as those that should have been presented at Art Paris 2020. The latter, created well before the pandemic, sometimes see their reading changed, enhanced by our new experiences.
The exhibition will last longer than the usual pop-ups. Nearly a month, perhaps longer if the situation allows.
In order to respect the sanitary rules, the Ariane Cy Gallery will not propose an opening evening, but it will be open continuously to allow as many people as possible to see the works of this collective exhibition inviting Guillaume Castel, Rosa Maria Unda Souki and William Wright.
Rosa Maria Unda Souki (Brazil & Venezuela) is a recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts committees.
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