Rosa Maria Unda Souki

Galeristes 2020

from 23 to 25 October 2020

Carreau du Temple, Paris
This year, on the occasion of the Galeristes 2020 event, Ariane C-Y gallery presents three of its artists including Rosa Maria Unda Souki, artist in residency at the Cité internationale des arts. She will present her works Épitaphes, oils on marble painted during the confinement. 
"The questions that motivate my work find their foundation in the memory and daily life of the home as an intimate space, as an inhabited place. My works raise the question of the permanence of spaces and objects and the fleetingness of human presence.
In the course of my creative process, I begin with an iconographic, bibliographical, historical and photographic research that allows me to immerse myself in my subject of creation. My production is also rooted in observation, contemplation and my personal and spatial experience of the chosen location, which I transcribe in my annotations, sketches and research notebooks prior to the creation on the canvas.
The elaboration of the pictorial image occurs during this process, which refers not only to the formal experimentation of painting and its materiality, but also to a pre-construction of relationships and meanings around space, its inhabitant, and memory beyond cultural or geographic boundaries." 
– Text by Rosa Maria Unda Souki
Rosa Maria Unda Souki (Brazil & Venezuela) is recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts Committees. 
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