Néféli Papadimouli

Build the world of the you

from 24 September to 13 November 2020

Le Concept - École d’art du Calaisis & École municipale d’art, Boulogne sur Mer

Believing in the capacity of art to act on our perception and sensitivity, Nefeli Papadimouli conceives her works as experiences intended to influence our way of thinking and our capacity for empathy.

Through the practice of sculpture and installation, her works take on a participatory dimension, inviting the public to engage in actions that require their consent to become part of the work. The gestures are precise and often reveal abstract forms, inviting us to a social, deep and subliminal engagement. Between movement and stop, representation and proposition, these experiments explore the tensions formed in the "space between". They constitute transitory moments of the encounter and perception of the Self and the Other.

The reinterpretation of everyday objects metamorphoses into livable spaces weaving links between individuals, inviting the audience to live a collective experience.

Elsewhere, moments of choreographic movement escape the pictorial surface to become directly inscribed in the architecture and become a spatial condition.
The act of interpretation gives way to the act of experimentation in order to create an individualizing experience for the audience.


Build the world of the you is an exhibition conceived in two parts, two times, two places: THE ACT and THE ENTRANCE (find all information about this two-part event in our Practical Information section).


Néféli Papadimouli (Greece) is recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts Committees.

Practical Information

All practical information on the École d’art du Calaisis website.


The first part of the exhibition is to be discovered at LE CONCEPT - École d'art du Calaisis, 15-21, BD Jacquard - 62100 CALAIS

The second part of the exhibition at the École municipale d'art, Place de Picardie - 62200 BOULOGNE-SUR-MER

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