Néféli Papadimouli

A day in Utopia: collection of the Frac of the Hauts-de-France

from 04 September to 14 November 2021

Le Familistère de Guise

For the first time, the Frac Picardie and the Frac Grand Large, the two contemporary art funds (Frac) of the Hauts-de-France region, are joining forces to present at the Familistère de Guise a selection of works from their collections that resonate with this high place of concrete utopia.



According to Charles Fourier, whose conception of the phalanstery inspired the Familistère, harmonious social life is a succession of days of great passion. A Day in Utopia proposes a journey along which the works play the consonant or dissonant chords of the keyboard of our bodily passions (the senses) and affections (the desire to get together). The selected works are for the most part of multiple passionate effects. They are composed according to sensitive and spiritual oppositions or contrasts: to see what is said, to make matter of time, to gather the heterogeneous... Néféli Papadimouli, Greek artist in residency at the Cité internationale des arts, participates in this collective exhibition.


A day in Utopia is an invitation to travel to the heart of the Familistère, from one floor to another, from one flat to another, to discover an exceptional body of work whose presence questions the spirit of the place and agitates our sensitive body.



Nefeli Papadimouli (Greece) is a recipient of the 2-12 program of the Cité internationale des arts.

Practical Information

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