Post-conceptions érotiques


from 29 November 2018 to 12 January 2019

Galerie Akié Arichi, Paris

"This exhibition around a veiled eroticism (or its anagram, the olive isometer), veiled by the conceptual elaboration, brought together artists around this reflection. She meets the artists' own universes, but also Erik Satie, Marcel Duchamp, Jorge Luis Borges, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, theological debates or optics. The borderline of (non)sexual intercourse is replayed in the Eros/work relationship. Saliva, blood, breath, subtle water, coulure, "timid power", contact points, caresses, erection, elasticity, fusion, divide voluptuousness into some of its moments.


The materials and shapes of Takesada Matsutani refer to fantasy visions. The femininity of Annette Messager is inhabited by the history of women and virginity. Gilbert Lascault's signifier questions and excites language to the point of fiction art criticism. The combinatorics of Claudine Bohi and Germain Roesz transpose the amorous encounter into the wandering geometry of reflections and refractions, into the Moebius ring of touch or the rotating mirror method. Antoine Poupel invokes mythology as a photographic neo-paganism. Franck David scenography the concept in the installation, metaphors the impalpable of caress and scratching. Pierre Antonucci's sculptures or Eric Duyckaerts' and Chloé Mathiez's four-handed drawings overflow Aphrodite with language and texture games, as well as humour. This humour crosses Vera Molnar's Self-Portrait/Nu, a singular youth ink. In Joël Leick's work, the space reserved for virgin space, allusive fragmentation and collage open the field to imagination. Kanaria (artist in residence at the Cité internationale des arts) combines childhood, painting, ceramics, animality and sexuality." - Michel Lascault, curator of the exhibition.



Kanaria (Japan) is a recipient of the Visual Arts Committee of the Cité internationale des arts. 

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