Daniel Horowitz

Les fleurs de l'été les rêves de l'hiver racontés le matin à la table des anges

from 06 June to 20 July 2019

Galerie Praz Delavallade, Paris

Summer, a very small word composed of three letters, but so promising, intense and evocative of a beautiful season where the light floods, the scents burst, the stars spill, the heat crushes, the colours burst, the waves dance, the bodies turn brown, the eyes sparkle, the children play, the spirits relax. An inspiring season loved by writers and poets. We find ourselves suspended at these moments deliciously rocked by a breeze that undermines our last resistances, enjoying the moment, the pleasure of discovering, of guessing the world through the prism of these creators that summer brings us.


Galerie Praz-Delavallade Paris invites five young painters, including resident Daniel Horowitz, to take possession of the gallery's picture rails. A generous season that gratifies us with a new harvest of intriguing discoveries and invites us to sit at the angels' table, to express ourselves freely with the only rule on board: to make these encounters detrimental, unexpected, dissonant and disconcerting.


With: Jean Claracq, Daniel Horowitz, Golnaz Payani, Karine Rougier & Apolonia Sokol.
Under the direction of René-Julien Prazn, and with the support of the Ricard Corporate Foundation



Daniel Horowitz (United States) is a recipient of the Visual Arts Committees of the Cité internationale des arts. 

Practical Information

Practical information and schedule on the Praz Delavallade website.

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