Adrien Chevrot (curated by Camille Pradon)

Comme si la pluie nous avait plu

from 05 December 2020 to 27 March 2021

LE POINT COMMUN espace d'art contemporain
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Camille Pradon, artist in residency at the Cité internationale des arts is curator of the exhibition Comme si la pluie nous avait plu.


The exhibition presents an unusual collection of mineral views, photographed by Adrien Chevrot over the past four years spent exploring all kinds of coastal territories. The splinters, folds and blisters of the stone are skillfully brought to light. The artist acts as a patient observer as he approaches this material sculpted by sea waves, for so long that one could say eternal.


So many possible interpretations put in abyss by the photographic device, itself synonymous with an excursion in balance between abstract and figurative landscape. Where the silence is lodged at the bend of the slightest crevice, Adrien Chevrot's photographs invite us to unfold the senses of each image, to better grasp us.


As if the rain had rained on us is a call to submerge the narrative mechanisms attributed to the images to divert our attention from the commentary, pure product of human agitation. A search for a liminal balance that influences and is superimposed on our perception, where color and poem amalgamate and rhythm each other.

 – Camille Pradon


- Excerpt from the exhibition press release Comme si la pluie nous avait plu



Camille Pradon (France) is recipient of the "Cité internationale des arts & Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation" program.

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