Firi anoihi (Link through Art)


From September 04th, 2021 onwards

Ateliers collectifs - Cité internationales des arts
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Inspired by the shape and technique of a "peue" (a mat in pandanus, a Tahitian craftsmanship evoking home, family and connection), ABUZ creates a mural made of elements specific to the culture and landscape of French Polynesia.


The image of the great hammerhead shark – swimming in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, between underwater volcanoes, the sea, fire and water, between red and blue – takes us to French Polynesia, a territory where human presence and nature coexist. This work evokes our relationship with the environment, and in particular the relationship we have with nature and the world around us.


This mural is painted on the façade of the collective workshops (silkscreen and engraving).



ABUZ (France) is recipient of the first session of the "Cité internationale des arts & Polynésie française" program.