Fredj Moussa

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Fredj Moussa was born in 1992 in Paris. Since 2017, he has been organizing the residence "Sur Les Marges du Désert", based in Tunisia. In 2018 he founded the SoumSoum fanzine as a collective.


Fredj Moussa's work combines video and sculpture. Foreign landscapes, wandering figures and elliptical situations cross his films. Fiction or documentary, the question is put on hold. How a lamb came to dialogue with a machine, he tells us nothing. Her videos consist of capturing situations in which a simple gesture disrupts the interpretation. More than an observer, Fredj Moussa seeks to arouse intrigue. 


The situations are cross-checked, ignored. There remains an ambiguous image, structured by an intervention whose effect it notes more than it predicts. His sculptures, presentation devices, contribute to the displacement he makes his images undergo. Flower men, starry sheep and lamb bleating in the frame of a car are the figures. What they tell us, we don't know, and that's precisely his job: to make narrative possible.