Françoise Dô



Recently, you have been able to benefit from our cross residency program with the Centre Intermondes of La Rochelle, can you tell us a few words about it?

"The Cité internationale des arts is an extraordinary place of confluence. In the continuity of this process, the cross residency with the Centre Intermondes of La Rochelle makes complete sense. It allows me to confront my work with a new space. At the same time, I observe that immersions provoke a form of excitement in my writing and creative process.
La Rochelle is a city full of history. These streets are impregnated with the passage of the other. But my question is the other: what the other thinks, what the other says, what the other does not say, what the other does not say, what we do not say about the other.


What changes and developments are to be noted in your work thanks to the residency at the Cité internationale des arts?


"Each time I visit the Cité internationale des arts, a new version of myself is created, a new version of my work. Here I meet artists who cross my path, leave a mark, even to participate in my future projects. Its team provides an international and complex cultural network for resident artists. They follow and support each step of my work with precision and give it extraordinary visibility. It is an exceptional place because of its ability to support my projects. It satisfies my need for above-ground work. It allows me to approach with serenity the journey that goes, over several years, from writing to the set."






Françoise Dô observes silence. In a realistic creative process, she uses writing and theatrical narrative to explore taboos and unspoken words within families and society. In an aesthetic of sober and contemporary staging, she seeks through dramaturgy to question emotions behind words.


Françoise Dô trained at Cours Florent and is the artistic director of the company Bleus et Ardoise, in residence of creation at Tropiques Atrium Scène Nationale, in Fort-de-France.


Françoise Do's residency is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Cité internationale des arts as part of its action to promote Francophone creation.

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