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The most I want to do is show you the end of my index finger

Flore Saunois

Du 06 mars au 07 avril 2024

Vitrine – Cité internationale des arts
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Flore Saunois explores the materiality of language through installations, sound pieces, performances and publications. She is interested in the conditions under which things appear and disappear, the tipping point between what is possible and what actually occurs.
Her attention to the nature and specific aspects of the different mediums and systems used to portray are akin to a form of descriptive ontology in which the boundaries between the subject and its representation become blurred. 


"The exhibition explores [explored] the question of representation, and resembles [resembled] perhaps a stage; a set that is [was] both bare and full of significance, where each element is [was] a valuable trace, a clue. The objects on display function [functioned] as symbols. In this way they replace [replaced] words, which this time are [were] nearly absent"[1].


Taking a dramaturgical approach, The Most I Want To Do Is Show You The End Of My Index Finger[2] presents objects that suggest gestures and latent actions. Haunted by the idea of the material that makes up reality (seen as a slow accumulation of surfaces), it questions the notion of the other side, its appeal and its possibility - like these gloves, one of which is sewn from the front and the other with the back of the same fabric.  


Flore Saunois (France) is in residence as part of the "ADAGP x Cité internationale des arts" programme.


[1] Sophie Kaplan, Les Aubes simultanées de Flore Saunois, (extrait), in Surface tendre, monographic catalogue, ed. FRAEME, 2022. 
[2] Excerpt" from Bluets, Maggie Nelson, Wave Books, 2009. 

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Monday through Friday, from 10am to 7pm
Free entry 

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