Farah Soltani

Farah Soltani is a visual artist born in Tehran (Iran). She received a high school diploma in graphic arts from Saba vocational college and a degree in interior decoration at Beheshti University in Tehran. She also studied abroad, in the UK but also in the United Arab Emirates, at the American University in Dubai (AUD) where she graduated Cum Laude* in Studio Arts. 
Her work focuses on how human beings are defined and affected by their environment throughout their lives, as well as their past and the materials they use. Farah Soltani has started her career with figurative paintings done in "Pop Art" style, before choosing to paint everyday objects. Through these painted objects, Farah Soltani then tells a story about a person, a place, an event and life in general; and shows how things and materials can reflect on human's mind, meanings and lifestyle. Nostalgia is then a significant part of her work, imbued with memories for the viewer's attention. 
As she says “Sometimes, we can know better about a person by entering their house; searching in their closets and drawers without them being there. At the end materials hardly pretend to be something rather than what they are. But, human’s expressions have the potential to lie and hide some characteristic of them."
Farah Soltani has participated in local and international exhibitions.

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