from 14 November to 08 December 2019

Corridor - Cité internationale des arts
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My photos are of the Malagasy, the people of Madagascar. What does it mean to be Malagasy? I find us beautiful and sad, resilient and fallible, courageous and timid. MALAGASY presents a social, violent, but also poetic and intimate portrait of Madagascar. I have not chosen these photos because they correspond to the idea one might have of Madagascar – and one we hope is true – the image of a faraway, exotic and sunny country full of the joys of life, but because they seem to be closer to my state of mind at that time, that moment when I felt that there was a legitimacy in the photographic act, a necessity to capture an image of things. The light, a look, an attitude, a tension and sometimes a simple reflex... 


I asked the Malagasy author Raharimanana to write about this series, because I needed the realism of his words and because I appreciate his commitment.


Text by Rijasolo written for the occasion of his exhibition: MALAGASY.



Rijasolo (Madagascar/France) is the recipient of the PARITANA Contemporary Art Prize supported by the Cité internationale des arts, the Institut Français of Madagascar and the Fondation H.


Pratical Information

Free admission, 2-7 pm (Mon-Sun)


Opening – November 13, 6:30 pm
Get-together – December 4, 7:30 pm