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Rosa Maria Unda Souki • Curated by Anaël Pigeat

from 22 October to 18 December 2020

Petite Galerie - Cité internationale des arts
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"Ever since her early years at an art school in Caracas, Rosa Maria Unda Souki has been building interior spaces, lost spaces that have been usurped and reinvented. 

During her studies in Brazil, she put into place an artistic language that she has never abandoned. She developed this means of expression during her Parisian years and, since her return to France last year after several years in Brazil, she has reconnected with this practice.


Her bird’s-eye perspectives, which are closer to the art of medieval illuminators than Japanese art, have gradually been enriched with magical realistic atmospheres and references to the houses of writers and artists, such as Federico Garcia Lorca and Frida Kahlo to whom she devoted a series that kept her occupied for many months. 

After weaving meticulous references and erudite esoteric symbols into her paintings, she now seems to be returning to a more dreamlike and perhaps freer form of expression. 


Commencements showcases the coherent nature of her body of work and her constant comings and goings. From early works that are the vestiges of exile to her most recent experiences, the exhibition presents works on paper that are an invitation to explore the laboratory that is the artist’s mind."


Anaël Pigeat, curator of the exhibition.



Rosa Maria Unda Souki (Brazil/Venezula) is recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts Committees.

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