Métaphore du Pyékoko

Gwladys Gambie

from 24 June to 24 July 2021

La Petite Galerie | Cité internationale des arts
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Surrounded by the lush green vegetation of Martinique, Gwladys Gambie finds inspiration to enrich her imagination and brings a dreamlike dimension to her graphic work in which bodies mingle with sea plants. Her use of Creole, a colourful language that’s full of symbols, gives rise to a specific iconography in a corpus focusing on the body.


The body – and in particular the bodies of Caribbean women – provides Gwladys Gambie with an opportunity to experiment, whilst poetically representing questions of identity and social issues. Subject to oppression, control, domination and discrimination, the body conveys ideas and emotions, whilst trying to free itself from the norms and shackles of the colonial period and exist in its own singular, mythological and sensual universe. 


This exhibition by Gwladys Gambie (France, recipient of the Cité internationale des arts ONDES program) is accompanied by guest curator Olivier Marboeuf.

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