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L’assemblée des femmes d’URACA & Ranti Bam

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October 2020

Echo musée de la Goutte d’or
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Ranti Bam’s work with clay is an intimate form of exploration. Her use of clay reflects the intimacy, vulnerability and fragility of her work and engages with the semiotic aspects of the feminine condition. 


Having noticed that her works function like "hearths", objects around which the audience gathers to contemplate, meditate and discuss, Ranti Bam organises collective workshops around her practice.


Her intention for these workshops is to exploit the healing and narrative capacity of clay as a literal and metaphorical vessel for making connections with/for Franco-African women. 

Here the participants were encouraged to play with clay intuitively and organically. At the same time in order to encourage dialogue, conversations were guided so that they centred on topics including postcolonial issues, decolonisation and considerations about the way in which tradition, religion and even nutrition impact the way in which Franco-African women live their lives today.


The URACA Women’s Assembly and Ranti Bam present a reconstruction of their ceramic workshop in a two-day exhibition at the Echomusée de la Goutte d’or in Paris. This exhibition will also serve as a platform for the participants to share their stories and culture.


Ranti Bam (United Kingdom/Nigeria) is recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts Committees.

Practical Information

Free admission
From 2 to 7pm, at the Echo musée of the Goutte d’or

21 rue Cave, 75018 Paris
Subway: Marx Dormoy (line 12), Château Rouge (line 4) and La Chapelle (line 2).


Within the limit of the maximum number of visitors permitted and in compliance with health measures. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

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