Faux départ (False Start)

Chloé Serre

from 21 January to 20 February 2022

Hall - Cité internationale des arts - Marais
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Faux départ (False Start) is an installation composed of sculptural elements in felt and wood, designed around and with the notion of game. Based on sports fields and playing surfaces, these sculptures imagined by Chloé Serre are permeated with their codes: tracing lines, delimitation zones, equipment, signs.


In this exhibition, the felt sculptures are fragments of ground markings that turn into floating lines where the material operates a shift in the rigidity of the frame. 

Between the architectural and scenographic model, the wooden sculptures redraw symbolic maps similar to geometric rebus intended to be interpreted within the framework of the performance FAIR(e)PLAY, in progress with an inclusive group of athletes.

In Faux départ, sculptural surfaces play with the codified space of the game which, by means of a play of mirrors, echoes the social space. 


Chloé Serre (born 1986) is a sculptor and performance artist whose practice is tinged with her background in human science, when she studied psychology and cognitive sciences. As a graduate of the École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Etienne, she has developed a sculptural and performative practice that questions social relations and their hidden meanings.


Chloé Serre (France) is recipient of the "Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso & Cité internationale des arts" program.

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