visual arts

Expand and Collapse

Badr Ali • Curated by Noam Alon

from 10 to 31 July 2019

Corridor - Cité internationale des arts
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The exhibition Expand and Collapse is the result of a year’s experimentation carried out by Ali Badr. His drawings suggest fluctuations between observation, reaction and documentation in an artistic practice that evokes the inherent paradox of endeavouring to capture movement by creating a static object. The same idea is also apparent in Badr Ali’s collaborations with dancers in which he investigates the forms and curves that bodies generate whilst moving through space.


Text by Noam Alon written for Badr Ali's exhibition: Expand and Collapse.


Badr Ali (USA) lives and works between London and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). For this exhibition, he has worked with Noam Alon (born Tel-Aviv, 1993), a Paris-based independent curator, performance artist and art critic, who is also pursuing a Master's Degree in Aesthetics at Paris 8 University.

Practical Information

Free admission, 2-7pm (Mon-Sun)

Opening - July 9, 6:30 pm

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