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Born into a family of recognized artists in Raiatea (French Polynesia), Evrard CHAUSSOY has been naturally immersed in art since his birth. Growing up on his island, the artist developed a vision of the world that is his own and that he translates into his paintings with representative colors, worked light, marked by a family historical background to convey an important message.


During his residency, his painting moved away from the figurative towards a more conceptual and, above all, more committed form. Using an ancestral Polynesian technique, he ended up with a more contemporary freedom of gesture.


On canvas, Evrard explores the traditional methods of painting on sarongs, made from woodcuts, then altering, erasing or covering these prints, leaving only a trace. He reinterprets the forms of the early Polynesian arts, gradually deconstructing them to leave only the evidence of a past existence.


At the heart of his approach, the notion of culture is closely intertwined with that of nature. These notions are threatened by a constantly changing world. As a result, his creations are anchored in a temporality that is both past and present, inviting the observer to question their future and the role he or she can play in this ever-changing world.

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