Eva Gerson

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Eva Gerson (France) composes fantasized-poetic narratives that unfold in space through sound and visual installations. In 2016, she published her first book with LVM, La Dorsale Dorée et Pied de camel or IFE. Words change shapes in the exhibition space, they come to adorn, compose, fade into the sculptures. In Virus for Virus for Virgo, the A4 stamp and its inkwell case contaminate the blank pages. 


She is working on a new project consisting of several visual and sound installations. They originate in the writing of a poetic detective novel divided like the installations into several parts. Each one takes place in different cities. At the end of her residency at the KuBa in Saarbrücken she presents a piece completely immersed in darkness. UV light is triggered when a visitor enters, revealing a wall of text. Words, sentences, extracted from the story are scattered in space, painted with invisible fluorescent paint. Like so many clues to link. 


Words, narrative invade everything.