I épochè I

I Anna McGrath I Matteo R. Bernardini I Baptiste Brossard I SUZANNE I

from 10 to 13 January 2019

Petite Galerie - Cité internationale des arts

I came to the world anxious to give a meaning to things, my soul filled with the desire to be the origin of the world, and here I find myself, an object among other objects.
- Frantz Fanon

If you opened your senses right now for the first time, what would reality look like? What would it feel like? And how would that change you?
I épochè I is a theatre performance asking what happens when you push against reality, and what happens when reality pushes back.

Focussing on emotionally evocative stories for screen and stage, Anna McGrath explores how excruciatingly painful and hilariously joyful it is to be human. She works closely with Matteo R. Bernardini who writes for film and theatre. He has won screenwriting prizes in the USA, Australia and Italy. Their company REVEILLE produces multidisciplinary projects collaborating with artists from around the world. Anna McGrath (Australia) and Matteo R. Bernardini (Italia) are recipient of Cité internationale des arts Performing Arts Committee.

Baptiste Brossard, recipient of the Paris Prize in 2017 for the ‘‘Propane’’ project, works at the crossroads of film essay, sound study and sculptural project. He presented the ‘‘Contre-mesure’’ project as part of the 63rd Salon de Montrouge. Baptiste Brossard (France) is in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through the programme of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

SUZANNE was born in October 2017 on the ashes of the glitters left behind by “1001 danses”, a project created by Olivier Dubois (Ballet du Nord) for the “Nuit Blanche” in Paris. SUZANNE is interested in bodies, in their unexpected expressions, but also in its more precise and elaborated gestures. SUZANNE is the fictional character required to embody ideas, identities and statuses to create a composed and sober choreographic style.


Pratical Information

10-11 January 2019 I 8pm

12-13 January 2019 I 6pm


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