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Elodie Teyssier Lecorche

Elodie Teyssier Lecorche was born in 1982 in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). Graduated of the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de la Réunion, her artistic approach is closely linked to her personal experience.


Like an explorer setting out to conquer the complex world of the unconscious, she seeks to unlock the secrets of how our mind works and to shed light on the deep connection that may exist between each human being. To feed this reflection, the artist draws "food for thought" from science and literature.

Several mediums such as drawing, engraving, photography, digital collage and miniature theatre are used to illustrate the non-visible and the scientific data resulting from his research.

She stages herself in images where "autofictions", "flashes" from the unconscious and universal symbols are mixed together. Her body is a tool that personifies mental elements and makes them play a role.


Self-mockery plays a big part in her work. Humour is used to play down a subject that directly involves the human being and can therefore be disturbing.



Elodie Teyssier is the recipient of the TRAME program 2020 edition.

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