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Didem Yalinay

Cité internationale des arts x Be Mobile Create Together x Le Cube

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You are in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through our partner program "Be Mobile Create Together" x Le Cube, can you tell us a few words about this? 

"Le Cube, with its pioneering role in the world of digital art, and the Cité internationale des arts, one of the largest residencies for international artists, are two of the world's leading artistic institutions.
It is a great honour to be in residence with these two art centres as part of the "Be Mobile Create Together" programme (an exchange programme for emerging artists between four countries: France, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany, whose main objective is to improve possible collaborations between countries). 
In this context, my residency will give rise to a long-term exhibition project between the Cité internationale des arts and Le Cube. I am really happy to work to bring out the potential that these two institutions can create together."


What changes and evolutions are to be noted in your work throughthe residency at the Cité internationale des arts?


"I am working on the realization of an integrated generative space – an immersive generative installation, which will create a layer of ideals that we can share while supporting the uniqueness of each entity – that will provide an experience to discover the power of our connectivity. I am in the research period of this collaborative project. 

Thanks to an open studio and a workshop at the Cité internationale des arts and Le Cube, I was able to meet artists from all over the world. As I am involved in the Cité's community, I have the opportunity to extend this work of generative art to a multilingual and multicultural level which, I hope, will improve towards a broader perspective."






Born in 1976, Didem Yalınay was born in Ankara, Turkey. 


She works in an interdisciplinary manner in the academic and artistic field. Her field of study is generative art. She is currently preparing her PhD in Communication Sciences at Bilgi University in Istanbul and lectures on narrative narratives at Gazi University. She is also an actress for television series and films and writes film scripts.


Before becoming a director for the Discovery Channel, she started her own consulting company in cultural entrepreneurship for companies. 
She currently organizes workshops and creates generative artworks. His most recent work is a collaborative work of art Edge(s), commissioned by WHO, which has been exhibited in many places in Turkey, including Sonar2019 in Istanbul.


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