Daniel Pettrow

Daniel Pettrow is a Brooklyn based actor, director, and multidisciplinary artist.  He is a dual citizen (USA and Italy). He frequently focuses on original and experimental creations while fostering collaborations with artists from different disciplines.  


His work centers on the view of the performer as a shaman.  He often focuses on the space between: between the real and illusion, between the world of the dead and the living. His creations strive to reveal “things” that may lie deeply buried within ourselves, and thus, to shine a light on sensations collectively shared among us.


Daniel Pettrow is the Director of "Performance and Communication" training for The Heifetz International Music Institute, a unique training conservatory designed to develop the expressive and communicative potential of young artists.

He is a close collaborator with renowned French director Arthur Nauzyciel (Artistic Director TNB Rennes), having performed in Black Battles with Dogs, Roberto Zucco, Julius Caesar, and Splendid’s. Recently, Daniel worked with Italian director Romeo Castellucci, performing in Julius Caesar: Spared Parts.