Daniel Jablonski

Daniel Jablonski, born in Rio de Janeiro in 1985, is an independent visual artist, teacher and researcher. He holds a Master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy from the Sorbonne-Panthéon University, Paris, and in Art History and Museology from INHA, Paris, in partnership with Columbia University, New York. 
His work takes the form of long-term research, applying rigorous methodologies to everyday objects. These projects stem from ordinary situations to examine how social discourses – such as history, law, medicine, state bureaucracy or even astrology – affect our individual identities. By embracing and transcending his own experience, Daniel Jablonski develops each time different sets of ideas, concepts and hypotheses, allowing the artworks to function as "case studies". 
His production is highly elastic in terms of materiality and can take the form of photographs, objects, installations, performances or writings, and can be presented in an exhibition, book or conference. His work has already been seen in solo and group exhibitions in institutions in Brazil and Latin America. His texts can be found in art and literature magazines, as well as independent publications and academic journals.
In recent years, Daniel Jablonski has won several awards at national fairs and shows, and has regularly participated in international residencies, notably in Colombia, Canada and Italy. After teaching at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts in Rio de Janeiro, he moved to São Paulo, where for the past four years he has been teaching and coordinating the Modern and Contemporary Art History program at the São Paulo Museum of Art.