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Cynthia Colney

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Born in Madagascar in 1991, Cynthia Colney is a painter, illustrator and self-taught ceramist. She lives and works in Kourou, French Guiana.


After working in a variety of professional environments in different countries around the world, she decided in 2021 to devote herself exclusively to her artistic practice through which she seeks to express her sensitivity to the beauty of the world.


Femininity and identity are omnipresent in Cynthia's work, whose luminous colours, symbols and dreamlike imagery celebrate feminine beauty and nature. Her universe reveals a plural femininity with diverse origins that meet and mingle with other living beings. She uses fragments of images found in personal archives and references found on canvas (photographs and paintings) that she cuts up with a digital tablet to create her compositions. She uses these collages to sketch out the first lines of her intensely coloured paintings, where geographical, ethnic and cultural boundaries no longer exist.


On the other hand, in a more abstract register, she seeks to represent the connection between a background and a form, curves and colours, between a face and a landscape, and between the visible and the intangible. 

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