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Abdallah Abozekry


Monday, November 18 2019, at 07:30 pm

Auditorium - Cité internationale des arts
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ZAMAKAN (time-space in Arabic) was born out of the meeting of two musicians and composers, Abdallah Abozekry (saz) and Baptiste Ferrandis (guitar), who were joined by Mark Priore (synthesisers) and Paul Berne (drums). This musical project explores with spirit and sensitivity the paths that bring East and West together. ZAMAKAN is a sound experimentation that combines diverse musical styles in search of a new sound. It is focused on a semi-electronic aesthetic - oriental groove and jazz meet rock and electronic music in a marriage of tradition and modernity, with a touch of improvisation highlighting the dialogue between musicians. 


Abdallah Abozekry (Egypt) is a recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Music committee.


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Free admission, within the limits of seats.

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