arts plastiques

Clémence de La Tour du Pin

Clémence de La Tour du Pin's practice consists of sculptures, paintings and assemblages that often include an olfactory or tactile dimension. By implementing layered textures of fabric and color, her works build abstract compositions that evoke architectural forms and the body. Parallel to her studio practice, she also works with perfumers and advisors in the olfactory field.


The use of scent in her installations has allowed her to consider figures, environments and worlds that are translatable into non-visual representations.  Her ‘aesthetic-sensorial’ artworks highlight many themes such as value, temporality, ritual, and the confrontation of the old-world European ghosts with the present day.


Her work has been featured at institutions including CAC - La Synagogue de Delme, France; Dortmunder Kunstverein, Germany and Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, among others.