Clarisse Zarvos

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Clarisse Zarvos, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1988, is a multidisciplinary artist specialized in the performing arts whose work is closely related to dance.
Doctor in "Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity" from the University PUC-Rio, she works with the language of documentary, the theatricality of the real, conference-performances and urban performances. In her search for authorship, she explores themes such as community, social choreography and contagion.
In her doctoral thesis, she deals with the social phenomenon of dance epidemics.In the series of performances Dramaturgies de la peste (developed in Rio, Porto and Athens), the artist also presents a reflection on choreomanias.
Clarisse Zarvos is also a member of a network of theatre groups in Rio called Frente Teatro RJ and co-author and actress of the play Il y a plus d'avenir que de passé, directed by Daniele Avila Small.
She is the director of the vídeodanse Ghost Dance, selected for the 10th Athens Video Dance Project.
Clarisse Zarvos (Brazil) is a recipient of the TRAME program 2020 edition.

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