Claire Luna

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Graduated in modern and contemporary art history from the Sorbonne Paris IV, Claire Luna is an art critic and independent curator. She has carried out her research in the United States (New York) and in many South American countries (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay) with whom she works very regularly. In addition to her interest in non-Western art scenes, she seeks to identify what she could identify as a trend or subject in contemporary art, often at the crossroads of different fields of study and encounters. She is particularly interested in the idea of displacement. That of the gaze and that of bodies at work in our thinking and in our relationship to the world. She is in search of the re-enchantment of our time through poetry, belief or the sacred.



A member of CEA, AICAJeunes Critiques d'art and YACI's Latin American Development Officer, she recently completed a writing and research residency at AL LADO in Peru with collectors Ginette Lumbroso and Alberto Rebaza.


Correspondent in New York, then in Paris, for the Latin American contemporary art magazines Artealdia and Artmotiv, she now collaborates with La vie des idées (the magazine of the Collège de France), Le Quotidien de l'Art and Artpress, for whom she has published her Peruvian Chronicles since her residency in Lima and recently participated in the special issue devoted to Latin America.


In 2020, Claire Luna is associate curator of the exhibition Sens-fiction at the Tripostal in Lille.


"A professional/research experience, a time of reflection for oneself and an unparalleled emulation. Residing in a shared space with nearly 300 artists from all over the world is the best way to arrive with defined projects to propose others. Here I am with a new and exciting research topic!"

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