Christophe Bruno

As part of the exhibition Autonomie Zéro – NEMO Biennale

Tuesday, November 26 2019, at 06:30 pm

Auditorium - Cité internationale des arts
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Christophe Bruno is an artist of diversion to polymorphic creations. Having invested the Internet in the 2000s to give us readings of the world in the era of its globalization, it now uses data whose artificial intelligence makes great use. In reaction to the extreme academicism of deep learning algorithms, which initially consist of assimilating and then creating "in the manner of", the artist makes us a proposal. In a way, it is a question of injecting "bugs into the matrix" so that the machines also have the opportunity to learn how to unlearn. Because he knows that the major trends in history and art emerge from ruptures rather than from schools. At a time when disruption appears to us as a model.


His installation L’Être, la machine et le néant is diffused in the exhibition Autonomie Zéro.

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Free admission, within the limits of seats.

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