Christine Herzer

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Artist and poet Christine Herzer (France/Germany) makes work that offers the viewer a multitude of meanings, moods, and experiences with which to interact, draw nourishment, and form their own understanding.

Using gestures of 'overwriting’, 'covering up', ‘erasing’ and accumulation, she explores questions of invisibility, alienation and agency. Her series, ‘The TODAY drawings’, for example, is composed of a single word, TODAY, which the artist repeats or feels over and over again, as if rehearsing an ongoing present. 


Christine Herzer's current research project, entitled “I LOVE LANGUAGE. How to make visible the wounds of language?” recontextualizes her ongoing series of '‘Written Drawings’ as a living archive from which to direct her investigations: What is the role of repetition in the creative process? How to show caring/devotion for words, as well as their meanings (emotional centers) and [ab]uses?


Born in Germany, Christine Herzer has lived, worked, and studied in different cultures (India, USA, France, Germany) and contexts (spiritual, artistic, corporate, economic). ORANGE, her new chapbook of poems, will be published by Ugly Duckling Presse (Brooklyn, NY) this summer.


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