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Charlotte Vitaioli

In 2018, Charlotte Vitaioli was awarded a scholarship from the French Institute to study weaving and dyeing skills in Japan, and was invited by the French Embassy in Australia as part of a research project on Aboriginal dance. From these experiences will be born Le Ballet Tribalesque, a series of eclectic alive paintings, performed by dancers dressed in painted costumes, manipulating sets and objects


In parallel to her teaching at the European School of Art in Brittany, she studies the parties and meals given by artists in art history and works on the staging of a "banquet-exposition". "In search of a state of joy" to put it in the words of Rudolph Von Laban.



“If I had to propose an artistic godmother to Charlotte Vitaioli, I would gladly choose Sophie Taeuber-Arp, although she was more adept at abstract expressions than her goddaughter, who, without denying geometric compositions, explores a multiplicity of representations inspired by reality. But both enter in total complicity when they grant each other the complete freedom to constantly move their practice. Moving from drawing to felt pen to object, from installation to weaving, from painting to embroidery, from carpet to costume ... they transgress the hierarchy of academic categories, such as techniques and boundaries between decorative arts, applied arts and fine arts ..."


– Text by Jacques Py for the exhibition Garderas-tu cet éclat of the Fondation Zervos

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