Camille Pradon

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Born in 1993, Camille Pradon is a visual artist, she lives and works in Paris and Tunis. 
Her multidisciplinary approach leads her to invest fields of research and experimentation on the very matter of images, their manufacture as well as the frames of their perception. In recent works, the flatness of the image is dissonant, playing on the lure of the place and the reverse or the depth and the surface.
If, as she states, "the image is a matter like any other", why then not imagine the image as a living, biological matter, capable of an autonomous life and generating its own existence? This leads to ambiguity about the nature of signs, images as well as words or any other constituent data of a formal language.
The artist uses these questions in an elliptical way, working on deconstructing the narrative and putting it into suspense in order to develop tenuous or, on the contrary, vertiginous temporalities. The off-field of Camille Pradon's images is a matter of sensitive limits.
Her work has been presented at the Ateliers Côteaux (Tunis) in 2018, the Villa Belleville (Paris), the Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon - résonance, the Gabes Cinema Fen (Tunisia) and the Festival Traverse vidéo (Toulouse) in 2019. In 2020, La Galerie Les limbes (Saint-Étienne), Finis Terræ - Centre d'art insulaire (Ouessant Island), the El Birou Gallery, the Selma Feriani Gallery and the French Institute of Tunisia will host her works.
She is published as an author and critic by the Magazine du Jeu de Paume (2017), an independent journal of architectural criticism, the magazine Point Contemporain (2019, 2020) and collaborates with Naima Editions (Paris, 2021).

"My residency at the Cité internationale des arts was an intense and unique experience. Thanks to the financial support of the foundation, I was able to serenely develop my projects, to crystallize them, to give shape to new pieces and to devote myself fully to the conception of my next exhibitions.

The exciting encounters with the residents, the team and the partners of the Cité, lead me today to conceive new collaborations, born in the heart of this exceptional living environment and with the complicity of this community of talented and united artists."


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