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Camila Salame

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At the same time artist, art historian, passionate about sociology and philosophy, Camila Salame develops works in which the base of conceptual thought effectively supports the aestheticism of plastic forms to take them towards a poetry of the sensitive and the emotion. In addition to this, a complex construction of identity nourishes her work.


Colombian, Camila Salame is from a family immigrated from Lebanon and now settled in France after a passage in the United States. A large part of her research revolves around the quest for her origins. A questioning about loss, reconstruction, fragility and memory takes shape around the symbolism of the house.

Inspired by Gaston Bachelard, she deploys intimate spaces like reveries to weave links between the temporalities and places of a fragmentary identity. Like a migrating bird, Camila Salame recomposes this identity through her travels and research, building imaginary houses of paper (Au temps des champs de coton, 2013-present), flower petals, linen, gold leaf, tributes to craftsmanship (Maisons perdues. Romances du retour, 2013-2019), but also wallpapers like herbariums, which remind her of her native Colombia according to the "botany of an emotional landscape" (Florilegio, 2017). In the same way, the installation Eau de Roses et Fleurs d'Orangers (2018) takes the viewer on the traces of Lebanon through correspondence, music, singing, photos of cars, the Arabic language; a whole intimate quest, at once painful and tender, complex and poetic.


These themes are found and condensed in her reflections for Montrouge (Désorientés, 2019) around the Bald Ibis, a rare species of migratory bird that migrates between Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and then Ethiopia, found by chance in a nest in Palmyra and then disappeared for good in 2015 after the destruction of the city. From an installation, Camila Salame evokes loss, captivity, migration, the sacred and rebirth with delicacy and intelligence (...)


- Biography written by Anne-Sarah Bénichou, from the catalog edited for the 64e SALON DE MONTROUGE 2019



During her residency at the Cité internationale des arts, Camila Salame continues her creative research on language and identity in exile that she has begun with the project Parle, Mnemosyne in 2020. In this new series of sculptures and drawings, through "reminiscences" or poetic images, Camila Salame is interested in sleep, dreams as well as biological and scientific processes related to learning, memory and forgetting.

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