Brett Sroka

Brett Sroka is a composer, musician, sound artist and curator who crosses the fields of improvisation, technology and contemporary art. He has released six original music records, with his electro-acoustic jazz trio, "Ergo", and his duo "Cherubim" on labels such as Fresh Sound, Zeromoon and Cuneiform Records.


His installations and collaborations have been presented at the New Museum in Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Roulette Intermedium, the Institute of Electronic Arts at Alfred University, Risonanze in Venice, Italy and the Galway Jazz Festival in Ireland. As curator of the cultural program at the Lévy Gorvy Gallery in New York and London, he programs aesthetic dialogues between the performing and visual arts for their regular series of events.


Brett Sroka is currently working on a broader conceptual set of works that links his interests in music, sound, video and sculpture as part of a project on history, science and politics in Western music. He is inspired by the natural forms of the harmonic series, the invention of the piano, the intense devotion of Glenn Gould and Rosalyn Tureck to Bach, Sol Lewitt's inspiration in Bach's variations and the number thirteen as a symbol of transcendence.