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Babi Fontana

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Her choreographic works, sound installations and films explore the choreographic process of dance in dialogue with the sound and visual art. At present, she is involved in a practice-based master’s study in the Department of Performing Arts of UNICAMP (State University of Campinas, Brazil). As part of this master, she is currently on exchange at the department of Musidanse at the University Paris 8, France. 

Her fields of research-creation are the study of gesture, feminism, site-specific works and its social relations, especially on themes related to Latin America. 


In her most recent works, she explores the relationship between the danced gesture and voice. She uses the sonority of voice to interrogate spatial and choreographic contexts through a collectionist and collaborative process with artists.

She often co-creates with the Brazilian philosopher and filmmaker Victor Costa, and with other artists working in diverse fields.


She has presented her works in a range of cities in Brazil and in many other cities in the world : Havana (Cuba), London (UK) and Berlin (Germany).