Artist-Researcher, Daniel Horowitz & Marc Porée

Seams and Stitches of creation: Painting and Poetry

Wednesday, November 20 2019, at 07:00 pm

Auditorium - Cité internationale des arts
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Daniel Horowitz’s artistic practice is characterized by a unique combination of realism and surrealist abstraction through the manipulation of archival images. Recently, he has introduced sewing as an essential component of his works.


Like Emily Dickinson’s hand-sewn manuscript collections and based on the work of the visual artist Daniel Horowitz, the academic and English poetry critic (19th-21st century) Marc Porée sees letters and images assembled around a common sense: poetry.


How does a "handyman" artist, whether a visual artist or a poet, go about creating something from the stuff of reality and, in so doing, patch up, sew together and unstitch it, stepping over (or not) the intervals between one line of verse and the next and reducing (or not) the gaps? "Mind the gap, in short..."


Organized by the Cité internationale des arts with the Institut des Amériques and the support of Christine Zumello (Professor of American civilization at the Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 University), this get-together opens a cycle that addresses those parallel trajectories that never meet, despite being driven by similar, shared questions.


Daniel Horowitz (USA) was a recipient of the Cité internationale des arts Visual Arts Committees in 2017-2018.


Practical Information

Free admission, within the limits of maximum capacity.
Talk in French and English.

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