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Arthur Francietta

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Deeply rooted in the Caribbean, Arthur Francietta has been researching the vernacular scripts of this part of the world for several years. Following his residency at the Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (ANRT, Nancy) in 2018, Arthur Francietta began to question the graphic phenomenon that precedes the invention of script. Very quickly confronted with the omnipresence of the Latin alphabetic system, he directed his research towards graphic systems: Anaforuana in Cuba, Vévé in Haiti, and Amerindian petroglyphs still visible today.


It is through these writings that he notes the resurgence of graphics (visual representation of a sign, a letter or a word), myths and rites from several West African and Central American civilizations. The artist's travels, journeys, encounters and cultural interactions have led to the invention of new graphic forms and to the adoption of a complex contemporary culture: that of the Whole World.


Through the so-called asemic writing (devoid of semantic content, of meaning), Arthur Francietta generates a personal pictorial writing at the crossroads of language and medium.


The asemic approach can be considered as an imitation-creation based on the graphies/writings that have existed in the Caribbean. Arthur Francietta gives us a series of complex and enigmatic symbols. A graphic and poetic divination.


He currently lives and works in Martinique.

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