plastic arts

Anthony Plasse

Anthony Plasse is a French artist born in 1987.


"To be perfectly clear, Anthony Plasse's artistic practice, regardless of its black appearance, is diaphanous.Understanding, through this simple statement, all the complexity of the images produced, is simple.These works are extraordinary.They emerge from the common use of photography through experimental processes experienced by the artist.The darkroom, the usual space of revelation, is also for A. Plasse, the space of shooting. A genetic space capable of producing a representation in an almost autonomous way.This autonomy, this freedom offered at the various stages of photographic construction is the result of a distinction made voluntarily by the artist.A. Plasse underlines this; he wants to create a distance between his hand and the support to allow him to achieve what he could not produce without it.


If we consider painting as the indirect treatment of reality and photography as its impression; we must recognize in this artist, a painter and a photographer conjugated in the singular.Historically, the chronological reference point on which this fusion could be placed would be somewhere between the end of academic painting, the appearance of historical avant-gardes and the beginning of photography; its origin would then be poetically nestled in the air of Paris at 35 boulevard des Capucines in the spring of 1874.This symbolic reference point is that of a tiny limit between reality and its representation, what makes the practice of A. Plasse extraordinary is that it is established at the extreme point of mid-distance between the two.It could not be clearer."


Deflacious Martial, May 2019