visual arts

Anna Tomaszewski

Anna Tomaszewski develops her sculptural work in a variety of media, including installation, sound, video and performance.

Her work evokes eco-fiction. It is characterized by the presence of the non-human, the other-than-human, and the non-obvious, unrecognized connections of primordial interactions, through stories, narratives and fictions. In a certain sense, it is akin to animist ontology, a way of seeing the world in which every element, every living thing, every object is endowed with a vital force. Anna Tomaszewski is inspired by natural entropy, its productive and transformative activity, on the same level as the forms it generates. By observing its energy in such a way as to understand the internal movement of forms, and integrating them into "embodied", "incorporated" narratives, she unveils microscopic elements that have become what she calls "golden trash".

The result is a collection of fragments extracted from different places, containing a specific landscape attribute that she unveil in the form of amplified realities: these become catalysts for spaces and fictions.


The landscapes contained are not just a backdrop, but a material that cannot be disentangled from the networks in which they emerge, in which the body is no longer a spectator or an outsider to the material, but is intertwined with it and enables the emergence of new environments, alternative ecosystems. Reality becomes fossilized, a space of reincarnation in which survival, intercorporality and care come into play.

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