Youmna Saba

Musician and songwriter, Youmna Saba started her musical career in 2006, and has released four albums to date (Min Aafesh el Beit in 2008, Hal Bint Aabalha Tghanni in 2011, Njoum in 2014 and Arb'een(40) in 2017)


Her work deals with the relationship between songwriting and narrativity, using elements of Arabic music, mixed with electronic processing. She is currently preparing a new project Taïma' (supported by the Mophradat association), a research project started in early 2019, which deals with the relationship between electronic music and the art of qasida (improvised vocal musical interpretation of a text in classical Arabic).


Youmna Saba has collaborated with several musicians, including Mike Cooper, Jean-Marc Montera, Kyungso Park and Nadine Shah, and has participated in several artist residencies such as Hwaeom Spiritual Music Residency (South Korea, 2017), Sound Development City (Spain, Morocco, 2016), Gyeonggi Creation Center (South Korea, 2013) and OneBeat (United States, 2012). She is also part of two Sodassi creation projects (Paris, 2018 and 2019) and Menura (Lebanon/Switzerland, 2018 and 2019).



Youmna Saba holds a DEA in musicology (2014) from Antonine University in Baabda, Lebanon. Her thesis exposes the parallelism between visual art and music in the context of traditional Arab arts.