Amin Gulgee

Amin Gulgee is a visual artist from Karachi, Pakistan. As an art practitioner, he works in sculpture, installation and performance. In his work, he explores spiritual territories and narrative traditions and the intersection between them.

His sculptures and installations have been exhibited in Venice, London, Lisbon, Dresden, New York, Washington, Karachi, New Delhi, Singapore, Beijing and Taipei. In 2018, he presented two solo exhibitions in Rome, one at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale and the other in Mattatoio.



As a museum curator, he is particularly interested in multidisciplinary intersections and South-South dialogues. He has also been actively involved in the field of performance, an emerging field in Pakistan. He has curated or co-curated many large-scale non-commercial exhibitions in his eponymous gallery and was chief curator of the first Karachi Biennale in 2017.

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